Montag, 20. März 2017



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

America is the great Faustian promise. Ancient Europeans settled North America 17,000 years ago. The Siberians only came 7,000 years later, either absorbing the white population through intermixing or outright committing genocide against the whites. Even though the Siberians might have killed off most of the whites, they certainly took some white women into their fold and thus improved their gene pool. This is probably why Caucasian skeletons like the famous Kennewick Man can still be found in North America today. We Europeans are the original Native Americans. The Red Indians were latecomers and interlopers and as such have no claim on American territory. The Mississippi and the Potomac are European rivers like the Rhine and the Volga, and North America is an extension of Europe and thus European soil.

With the arrival of the Vikings and later Columbus and the subsequent settlement and colonization of the American continent, we merely reclaimed what had always been ours to begin with. The liberal claim that America was founded by "immigrants" is a bold-faced lie. America was founded by European settlers who merely refertilized what had already been fertilized by their ancestors millennia before. The racial bond between the distant generations was thus reestablished. The racial aliens who are swamping America today, with their claims that whites are foreigners and they the true indigenous people, are the descendants of the original Siberian aggressors and should be viewed as such. They are not natives to America because they are not European and neither were their ancestors.

From its very inception, the United States was always meant to be a republic, founded by whites and serving whites, and whites only. Any American who claims that the US has always been multicultural or even multiracial is a traitor to the only true American Dream, namely the establishment of a new democratic race-based European nation on the North American continent. As US senator Stephen Douglas, who was opposed to slavery, put it in his debate with Abraham Lincoln in 1858: "I believe that this government was made on the white basis. I believe it was made by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever, and I am in favor of confining the citizenship to white men—men of European birth and European descent, instead of conferring it upon negroes and Indians, and other inferior races."

In October 1916, while Europeans were slaughtering each other wholesale in the trenches and on the battlefields, one of the greatest writers that America has ever produced, H.P. Lovecraft, asked the following important question: "Do Americans desire to remain a vigorous, clean moraled Teutonic-Celtic people; or do they desire to transform their country into a sordid, amorphous chaos of degradation and hybridism like imperial Rome?" The question cannot be easily answered. America saw itself as a white civilization until 1965 when the new Immigration Act opened the floodgates to the brown hordes of the Third World. But what do white Americans think today, over sixty years after this catastrophic event? Do the majority of them view America as a white country or as a melting pot hodge-podge of all races and creeds? I believe the majority of white Americans from Middle America (or flyover country) still believe in the notion of a white America. The majority of them voted for Trump and thus confirmed that America's core population wants to remain at the helm and in charge. Their moving patterns reinforce this as well.

The main obstacle is the demographic shift and the rapid pace at which it is unfolding. That is why simply stopping immigration will not be enough to stem the tide. If white America does not reassert itself by not only implementing a total immigration moratorium but also a mass deportation of the undesirable elements already inside the country, it will be lost forever. The wall is a good start but it must be followed by much more drastic measures. The wall needs turrets!

Europe can learn a lot from America's Faustian nature. America is purely Promethean in character. The American West was won by conquest which was achieved purely through will, blood and sweat. Spaceships and missions named after Pagan gods - Apollo and Mercury, the sun god and the messenger of the gods - pierced the cosmos in the name of the race that made it possible. Eternal Rome in the guise of the Eagle has indeed landed! Doctor Faust's descendants might have lost their way but they are still striving to go above and beyond. America's capitalist system fosters the Faustian spirit. Private space exploration enterprises have picked up where the state left off.

It is no accident that the idea of cosmic terror was first championed by the American Shakespeare Edgar Allan Poe, who said, "The ways of God in Nature (as in Providence) are not as ours are: nor are the models that we frame any way commensurate to the vastness and profundity of his works; which have a depth in them greater than the Well of Democritus." To explore this depth on the physical plane has been the goal of many scientists and engineers while to reach this depth in the metaphysical realm has been the aim of countless writers and artists. Both aspects of America, the practical and the intellectual, are Faustian, by the extolment of pragmatism and the fascination with the infinite.

In contrast to the effeminate Europeans, Americans still know how to wage war. Although many of America's wars might be misguided, the fact remains that America is able to conduct both defensive and offensive campaigns. Without American help, Europe, with the exception of Russia, is not able to do either effectively or efficiently. Europe lacks a European army as well as unity and resolve, and its constant glorification of pacifism does not help matters. Gun-owning white Americans are keeping the traditional European martial spirit alive.

The archetype we have to strive for is He-Man, but what we got is Prince Adam. He-Man represents the European man in both attack and active defense mode. He-Man actively fights Skeletor and his minions who want to rule Eternia and usher in an era of darkness. Beast Man represents the subhuman and literally beastly quality of the villains that He-Man has to vanquish in order to save his kith and kin. Prince Adam lives a life of flippancy in the illusory safety of his castle, unaware of the nefarious storm brewing outside its walls. Today we have mostly gay and emasculated Prince Adams in both besieged Europe and besieged America. The Power of Grayskull is still eluding us, but as the recent election of Trump has shown, the magical transformation of Prince Adam into He-Man might not be too far off. Or to put it more eloquently in a Kantian-style categorical imperative: It's time to raise the sword and proclaim, "I have the power!" There is no third alternative.

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