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by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"Palestine deserves a mention apart. The public is accustomed to look at the Holy Land as the cockpit where, under the guard of the British Empire, Jew and Arab are fighting for supremacy. That is only because the topical event overshadows important facts. For Palestine really is a brilliant example of post-war European expansion. The Jews have come to that country as representatives of European culture. Their fruitful effort transforms Asiatic Palestine into an increasingly European country. The Jewish National Home, in its practical realization, represents a European conquest."
-- V. Poliakoff (Augur), EUROPE IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION (1939)

Contemporary Europeans refuse to react to the potentially lethal threat that Islam poses. They do not take the actions that are required to stem the tide of the Mohammedan invaders and colonialists. Being essentially a European country, Israel is the last bastion of the true West. Israel is the Sparta of the Middle East! While young British and French men and women dance to tunes of decay in caverns of lust, the hardened men and women of the Israel Defense Forces defend their righteous country against forces that are out to destroy everything that the Occident stands for. The sacred soil of Jerusalem must never be ceded to the dirty sons of the false prophet from Mecca. The proud soldiers of Israel have been entrusted with defending the Judeo-Christian heritage of our Mater Europa on the frontlines in the Holy Land. The noble Crusaders dropped the sword. The Jews picked it up and replaced it with an Uzi. Today, Jews are the only legitimate heirs of the ancient (original) Aryans since modern Europeans have been castrated. Even so-called "White nationalists" preach anti-imperialism nowadays, saying "we are not racist." "White nationalists" always bitch about Israel being "racist" and "an apartheid state." But is this not what the original Aryans were? Israel is the only Western country that ruthlessly applies "Aryan" methods of rule and warfare, albeit in a watered down format. White nationalists are like whiny hippie girls. Israel's so-called "brutal methods" are an appropriate reaction to the aggression of the desert nomads. Europe's complete inaction in this matter is unnatural. No aggressive reaction to an aggressive action is trying to refute Darwin on a bed of glass. The absence of actions undermines the fundamental principle of the West's right to choose its own destiny. Who immobilized Europe so? Hath the Lord no mercy at this late hour?

Should the strong be forced to listen to the advice of the crippled? Should Israel let itself be told by the West how to act in its struggle for survival? Should Israel heed the criticisms of the forces that themselves have succumbed to the mob rule of the twilight people? A nation proud of its heritage is condemned by self-righteous fanatics who in their blindness cannot see the beauty of the project that is Israel: RUTHLESS CONQUEST THROUGH BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS. The will to power is evident in the might that Israel projects to its primitive neighbors. Israel is a Faustian beacon in an ocean of self-fulfilling savagery. Who condemns the strong shall reap scorn by the meek. Those who cannot do, teach - and those who cannot act, bitch. Dirty leftists donning Palestinian scarves and "White nationalists" wearing their obligatory armbands, unified in their desire to obliterate glory and honor among the Men of the West.

Hebrew Superman
Marx was right!
workers toil under Asian despotism
European genius
in the guise of the Rabbi's descendant
will liberate the toiling masses of Europe
the Golem with the Red Cape
will hoist the flag of the Mother
on the Red Planet
brilliance and ingenuity:
Einstein and Oppenheimer
two European scientists
with a mind to discover the new
and destroy the old
the small must yield to the tall!
and time will bend to the will of all!
hear, hear! the clarion call of the prophets
of old
now bold
with weapons, shaven and lusty
for purim blood in towns dusty

Instead of condemning Israel, we should applaud it. For we can learn a lot from this so-called "apartheid state" (I wish it were so!), for example how to deal with violent Muslim invaders/parasites. The IDF does not consist of pussies, as is the case in most continental European contingents. Compared to Europe, Israel does not take shit from aggressive towel-wearing wife-mutilators. Why condemn Israel for something we Europeans want for ourselves (namely an ethno state)?

And this is how it goes:

The Witch Woman walks into a shop, looks around the aisles, spots a product she wishes to purchase, proceeds to the counter and asks the Hezbollah clerk:

"How much for the 13th Wall of Hell?"

The Hezbollah clerk looks bewildered and mumbles:

"A not a man dat say a one two..."

The Witch Woman raises her broomstick over her head and bolts of lightning directed at the Hezbollah clerk shoot out of it. He is reduced to ashes. The Witch Woman does not have to pay for the 13th Wall of Hell.

And this is how it goes:

A Jew with a rifle shoots an Arab child with a rock. This is called self-defense by some, aggression by others. Naked or not, aggression is justified if exercised by the party that occupies a higher rank in the evolutionary hierarchy. No Wagner in the Gaza Strip, only wailing women tearing their hair out. Wagner in Tel Aviv, clubs full of beauties sipping vodka and Red Bull. IDF emblazoned on breasts exposed to sweat and beats. Better on a beach in Tel Aviv than in a mosque in Saudi Arabia! Better tits than bearded men!

two brothers in Belarus
show the way to their brethren
the way of the gun
show the goyshkopf
where the hebrew hammer
is hanging!
no more hiding in barns
and attics
and cellars
out in the open the fight
for survival of the people
spreading justice and death
among the haters of the people
the haters of the civilization
that spawned living space
made arable land previously sand
and hills peopled with people
with will and white
the scorpion crawling up a naked woman's bare leg, she sipping a cocktail full of waddling little umbrellas, the scorpion bites her and she croaks within minutes - poison gas used in World War I traumatized some people -
the Bielski Brothers succeeded where others failed:
creating a fighting commune under adverse conditions, sniping a few boys in grey here, requisitioning food there, all for the benefit of the board in the woods, and this is where it gets tricky:
have you seen the yellow man with the carnival hat
on the ferris wheel
waving at the gaping onlookers below?
the scene of the accident was still stained with blood.

February 12, 2009

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