Dienstag, 7. März 2017



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

armenian master blaster
great white hope
saruman's revenge
bottle opener on the left
bookshelf on the right
helicopter blades cut flesh
babies die of tuberculosis
masters of the universe
action blasts in the bath
bubbles burst forth
antennae listen intently
picture on the wall
empty flower on the floor
full belly in bar
rat poison swallowed
juice spilled on marble
hardwood is hard
shirts are wet
box cutter wound drips
fish kiss lions
cows eat beef
chairs arranged today
party tomorrow
circle jerk pizza fun
forks parade on plate
farts talk in hall
hollow cave invaded
face blackened out
mad max lonely
russia fucks ameriKa
nuclear stitches mended
futon love holes plugged
salt lake mormon power
white children gather
lemonade sold on corner
soylent green is people
gourmet cuisine localized
nigger communication
clothing backwards
in compton singing
swinging the pendulum
close to the body
tattoos rust in oven
stockholm nightlife
russian television, 1983
majority analysis
church invites bombers
fire supports kennedy
discuss application!
stuff countries with soap
filth washed in gulag 2
guards smoke ten not two
sharks fed pet food
moat called tower
police arrived too late
corpse still smiling
analyze the nails!
pink lipstick trails
snails infest kitchen
attic decorated with dead
souls rest in tupperware
news at noon
midnight bells chime
turquoise colored tongues
bald head perspires
piercing skin red and blue
wounds open gate to wet
dreams woke up the soldier
scratch down there!
unwind here
fun and beer
the language yellowed
the dogs bellowed
boxes in the backyard
straw inside the doll
see here fun brews pure
library boutiques jacuzzi
the vodka makes him woozy
lucy buys green trampoline
up and down and down and up
see the monkey shine
the sun!
hollow frogs belch forth
invisible the child in sin
feel the rapture sing!
angry citizens devoured
raptors patrol the streets
ZARDOZ! screams warhol
pittsburgh the pit of pills
ruled by elite rabbits
fed and bred and schooled
in limbo he met his wife
laughs horse woman loudly
glass bottom boat party
sharks look up

August 28, 2008

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