Dienstag, 10. März 2015

by Constantin von Hoffmeister
It would be in Iran's best interests if AmeriKa invaded it and forced a regime change. Iran is infected with the virus of Islam. Iran is not an Arab country but an Aryan country. This is why Islam has no deep grip on the collective psyche of the population. The Shah must come back, and Zoroastrianism must be reestablished as the official state religion. Iran should ally itself with Israel. Together, the two countries could be the powerhouse of the Middle East. Degenerate and subhuman Arab countries would have to pay tribute to their Iranian-Jewish overlords.
The Zerg invaders are a devious bunch. They are actually reptilian shapeshifters, and they already have their agents on earth, working tirelessly to undermine the White race's natural defensive instincts. These shapeshifting alien reptiles occupy the highest positions in the ZOG. ZOG does not really mean "Zionist Occupied Government" but "Zerg Occupied Government." If we want to defeat the evil Zerg invaders, we must contact our National Socialist brothers in Neuschwabenland (in Antarctica) immediately. After all, these dedicated defenders of the Reich and Adolf Hitler (who lives in a secret cave in the Andes, sometimes drinking cheap rum with Miguel Serrano, watching catfights between inbred Teutonic whores from Nueva Germania) have UFO technology, salvaged from top secret technological research facilities in the Third Reich at the end of the Great War to Destroy the Pure Aryans (World War II). These modern National Socialist knights have further developed this UFO technology and are said to have now the capacity to travel twice the speed of light in their "discs." If it was not for the Bolshevik beasts (that were and are the natural allies of the Zerg invaders - after all, everybody knows that Lenin was a Zerg agent [while not a Reptilian shapeshifter himself, he was a member of the Jewish golem race that the Zerg invaders created aeons ago]), the National Socialists would have been able to defeat the Zerg invaders during the Great War to Destroy the Pure Aryans. Now, the loyal followers of Hitler will soon launch a final crusade to wipe out the Zerg invaders and their insidious golem followers once and for all! They have only hesitated so far because they want to see the course of history develop towards Point Omega. That is when the legendary existence of the Abraxi will be revealed for what it is: a hoax!
Judaism was heavily influenced by Zoroastrianism (dualism: Heaven and Purgatory, Light and Darkness, Yahweh and Satan, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman). Jews were treated well in the Persian empire after the Persian king Cyrus released the Jews from the Babylonian Captivity and let them move back to Judah. Ahmadinejad must be replaced by a new Cyrus who, instead of wanting to destroy Israel, helps protect and nurture the Jewish state. Israel is successful because it was founded and built by EUROPEAN Jews. Arab states are not successful because they are run by Semites. Iranians are not Semites. They are the brothers of Europeans. Iran and Israel must become true beacons of the Enlightenment in the Middle East, guiding lanterns that illuminate the darkness that the Koran imposes upon an ignorant and savagerace.
George W. Bush is a shapeshifting alien reptile. Not only him, but Tony Blair and Michael J. Fox as well! Zerg invaders are not overlords. They work behind the scenes. But having once created the golem race (the Jews, who else?), the Zerg invaders have been overthrown by a slave revolt of the golem race. This slave revolt was a subtle one, though, since everybody knows that the golem race is too pussy to actually engage in physical combat. So, this slave revolt was an insidious takeover of power, achieved through deviousness and moneylending (the currency of Zerg is the &%*'''KKKllop). Now, the elitist part of the golem race is working behind the scenes, controlling the Zerg invaders who in turn behind the scenes control the still manipulated golem race who in turn control all the workings and machinations of the White nations.
Israeli Jews and Iranians are the most advanced peoples in the Middle East. This is entirely due to genetic factors. Israeli Jews and Iranians are closer to us genetically than the primitive Arabs are. This is why an alliance between Iran and Europe/Israel is more natural and sounder than an alliance between Iran and the Arab countries. Israel is basically an integral part of the Occident and Iran can be made to be as well. Once Iran is liberated, it should be settled with European Wehrbauern (warrior farmers) that help lead their Persian brothers back into the cradle of Aryan civilization. The Wehrbauern should lead by example, slowly cleansing Iran of the debilitating spirit of Islam and modernizing the country through technocratic means (education in the arts of true Aryan science to combat Semitic superstition). This is similar to what the National Socialists intended to do with Russia, except that the Russians were not mentally polluted with a beastly religion. Right now, due to Islam's malign influence, Iran is in a state of devolution. This situation can and should not be accepted by civilized men of the West.
The golem race needs fresh injections of Zeta juice twice a week. Only the Zerg invaders can provide this life-sustaining elixir as they harvest it on their home planet and ship it regularly to Earth. Every month, the golem race eagerly awaits the Zeta shipment from the Zerg invaders' home planet. It is because of this fact that the golem race, although nominally lording it over the Zerg invaders, is inextricably bound to the Zerg invaders' supply chain. After all, the golem race does not have the extrasensory ability to travel between planets. The Zerg invaders set up several stargates on Earth through which they can travel at will, using only their will. The golem race may threaten to artificially manufacture Zeta juice and hence break the Zerg invaders' monopoly, but this will never come to pass as Zeta juice is not a physical substance but a psychic one. Of course, the golem race does not know this. The Zerg invaders, far from actually being subjugated by the golem race, are quite content with their new status. The Zerg invaders have become astute observers and diligent recorders of the golem race's international manipulations. The Zerg invaders are content because the golem race is actually doing their bidding. Zeta juice contains mind-altering agents through which the Zerg invaders transmit commands to the golem race.
follow the moon
to its conclusion:
the feminine aspect
with big tits
tit for tat!
sin for solution!
the bearded prophet
one of them
hung like a sheep
the Abraxi answer:
follow suit!
in a suit
with passion pondering
There goes the manly delight! In a cell we are all the same. It is called burial desecration. The Zerg invaders poised to invade Iran, used by the Abraxi - to impale the brown horse on the white stick. Good riddance! The skull looking up: killed the babies in cold blood, the newborn born again. Drive the last mile. Dead end alive! No time to be alone. We are memories before the Dawn. Wearing slacks for the party to come, desensitized to ribbons. The son that killed is our Sun. Postmodern. Warhol wars vampires.
Long live free Iran! HAIL Zarathustra!

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