Freitag, 6. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."
-- David Lane


in tibet the candles burn 
swastika on palm and flag 
fair expedition restless roaming 
roots beneath the stupas shine 
legions in berlin all crisp 
buddhists for the dome they fell 
high and low the strangers greet 
the roof all peace and solitude 
the mountain and the city burn 
god soldiers march their path alight 
and solemn monks in arms join free 
for europa white and spirit they fight 
hedin's call to the youth of the world 
resounding in rubble valor and life 
the palace in lhasa displays the sign 
a race seduced by filthy soot 
afresh the cultural wave that flows 
amidst the stain remains a pure grain 
march the cosmos tarnished troops! 
their banner burned but still alive 
the soul as always radiant! 


disintegrating in rubble 
fair race migrates east 
civil and demolished naked 
above the moaning 
comrades sleeping 
fair race seeking morals 
anguish left and women hidden 
in time and space the money slides 
and futile river nearly dry 
the blood of old a crucial tie 
when creators fish the men alive 
sanguine beasts turn prey to dust 
(see you fear in the wasted lands?) 
red the tiles covered in screams 
as summer breeze drowns in blood 
ether creeping out a pure-blood sky 
(then it will be time to forgive) 
and argue restless on a silver tray 
the city sold and bodies bought 
bags aflame with ice-cold greed 
claws dug deep in pure-blood souls 
(only hear sailor songs of glory and pain) 


fearless men in black 
with diamond hearts and individualist pursuits 
the active, destructive side takes the form of hatred 
racing downhill the race of intellectuals from the city 
(clad in black, glad to never come back) 
supreme struggle for the soul of the city 
(boiled and cut and displaced) 
the hopeless envy of the pale facade 
is cloaked by military means to hide the kingdom 
above time the city will fall 
fearless men in black 
proud will erect a radiant dome 
and smouldering remains eclipsed by pure light 
reveal rubble of a gypsy-world 
or the weak facettes of a dying machine 


pious rats in melting pots 
in holes of sanctity and slime 
indeterminate but steady pus 
the eternal cancer grows 
self-preserving foreign legacies 
behind thick walls 
and pretense in the belly thin 
the cancer warped into acceptance 
never stronger in this union 
modern rats with blessed agendas 
fighting is an alien concept 
this union breaks on full display 
darwin sleeps in creation's wake 
and plagues take hold ahead of time 
pissing lies the rats retreating 
in limbo for the next attack 
white-washed bones and empty skulls 
the inheritance as clear as night 


a degenerate spirit on the deck 
the dark ship cuts through icy waters 
on board the healthy all in chains 
below deck groans of ignorance 
parades the captain with his whip 
tainted stinking beast so proud 
crazy drunk and filled with lust 
(the power false and built on forgery) 
while fair souls suffer without rage 
moaning yelling screaming deaf 
(the voyage cloaked in emerald images) 
the winds that never settle cut 
through limbs that lost all frailty 
rattling free a wish to be 
to the angry shores a colony 
once immaculate now modest bleeding 
dry the dock now soaked in rants 
godless filled with spiteful reason 
after passage and delay 
the sum of fate a bill to pay 
and northern stars all sealed in clay 
mates all laughing and leading astray 
the harbor seemingly deserted now 
all white cargo marched off in a row 
(smug with whores the captain sleeps)


with direct access visions of beats 
drums that only hollow sound 
filled with system clearance path 
the engine roars and underway 
fast past the dirty picket fence 
self-destruct at midnight set 
(o holy technocracy! castles fall) 
speeding up the freeway straight 
intercepted crash and death 
clustered remains of hate in thin air 
rotor blades and fuel injected 
rains the sky only napalm and mirth 
a path in space the final solution 
(but whence the eject button come?) 
frozen kipling as the cargo 
cries the dust where goest thou? 
the power of skin a ticket to leave 
(to a new empire with a nova stretch)


an intellectual escapade: 
when lines drawn through white 
and hitler stalin know not how 
poisoned arrows custer's dead 
global vendetta mounts a rescue 
the sun is up and the son bleeds 
surviving prisons of the mind 
the cross itself was crucified 
when through the gate the state 
itself unable to illuminate 
tanks roll down winds blow east 
riding through the sunset dire 
mongrel armies in filth attire 
(no more testosterone escapades) 
at stake the spire of the naked 
pyramids that traveled westward 
moaning truth that deeply sizzles 
a rotten choir answers anger 
mongrel armies rape strange lads 
as night falls down upon the pale 
dead in corners of their blood 
the whippersnappers slain in mud 


in the gulags of yesterday cold 
walked right into a malaria epidemic 
the agreement between them and them 
but karma flickers with greed 
and the slavs are sold through slime 
when the sky rains death and money 
the gun being drawn and loaded 
sights become ugly and defensive 
while craters fill with monkey pus 
and primates prance the slippery road 
aloft and fluttering senses numb 
while motherhood fights tribes 
gates guarded by overlords of tension 
watched the walk of people limping 
quaking sense of shelves to come 


collected sun energy down to earth 
like the phoenix 
cultural ties will not be extinguished 
in stalingrad storms of steel 
a concrete corner sniper genius 
fritz and ivan slitting throats 
each other murder maim to kill 
in the depths of the century 
no simple revolutions popularized 
but wars synthesized AND SOLD 
final call and phoenix sleeps 
chaos in tolerance as modernity mouths 
art of antiquity as rubbish on sale 
degenerate armies marching aloof 
fair armies asleep and cold


umbuglola eats bananas fine but rotten 
the bottom cracks no glue can mend nor fix 
free ticket back to the horror! the horror! 
with relatives in limbo skinny starving 
(wild beasts martyred out of depravity) 
near harare they all got married in the mud 
(rubber bullets tear no wails) 
and the triumph of the mold a mandate 
mistah kurtz aloft a muddy blaze of tears 
(chewing limbs and spitting stumps) 
population differences in fertility 
collaboration consists of a moral posture 
(eyes kept shut fixed with yellow pestilence) 
umbuglola's bubble belly stalking fresh prey 
in the wild they breed far and wide 
(artificial dice have fallen and decided) 
unifying principles of economic prosperity 
regardless of truth and confederate principles 
(they smoke they eat they copulate 
the equation clear as night) 
praise the daily recitations! 
(in the deep deep forest the limbs will rot) 
and sing the song of unity! 
mistah kurtz on hold sings swell to the ladies


consultations with the rabbis 
instead of updates 
nil and nothing new 
on the western front fog 
may descend upon us forgiveness 
clouds of amnesia descend in stacks 
and the cloud of denial exhausts 
recognized death tolerable 
when research finished last 
begins anew traditional inquiry 
tooth for tooth missed a chance 
broken links with past refreshed 
mourn the dead of all! 
the rabbi negates and prays 
along with the sick and dying 
of the west that celebrate 
exclusivity beyond reality's bounds 


with withered eyes the sight unbearable 
the black sun radiating outside in 
on cold marble fenced and damned 
pulverized symbols martyred and erased 
the tracks leading out blown up 
dancing across the border fence 
an image of black in a world of white 
in phantom time that hollow muscles build 
a face so fair to be born again 
when smoke clouds part like nutria the sea 
no cane but polished boots will shatter 
(regeneration builds up the war poet's voice) 
virginia dare on the shore washed up 
all clad in robes and saris bright 
fried chicken the monkeys throw 
(with a coconut smile the dream is over) 
and marching marching marching bright 
the soldiers of god and blood and honor 
restore the sun in its own space 
inner selfs that glow with black sun rays


chinky chicken farmer Himmler
in 1934, the bespectacled geek decided to discover
a heroic past that was a fiction created in his pea-sized brain
castle wewelsburg, once home to noble men,
fit the bill:
its axis runs precisely north-south,
nurturing himmler's sick delusions of nordic racial grandeur
(in exclusivity and opposed to latin splendor)
also, according to german poet freiligrath,
the end struggle between west and east 
would take place there or at least nearby
(confirming the age-old suicidal nature of german "aryanism,"
pitting teutons against slavs, 
relegating the former to masters and the latter to slaves)
himmler, mad as a hatter, believed all this occult nonsense and more,
obsessing over the thought that wewelsburg was the center of the world,
and imagining himself to be the reincarnation of saxon king henry I. 
(also known as "the fowler," henry I. did not keep chicken), 
himmler had his private rooms in the castle decked out to glorify this fake lineage,
again confirming himmler's disneyfied vision of reality
some SS couples were married in the castle according to ancient pagan customs
on one floor of the castle the black sun symbolized germanic grace
at the end of the apocalyptic and unnecessary war,
himmler wanted wewelsburg dynamited,
but, ironically, invading yankees stopped the total destruction of the castle


the bells demand a tribute harsh 
when wine transforms to ash 
a savior will not appear 
with miracles the world will bend 
(the will of one the power of many!) 
the race itself so glorified 
but mumbling in a veil of filth 
in taverns lust the whores of time 
(pay the tribute for thighs divine!) 
watch flesh decay while sirens wail 
(pure ivory for export banned) 
in my own belly pigs roaring mine! 
at the end of their line 
lads and ladies cuddle on the side 
(the ocean gapes a crack so wide!) 
claws dance to the cow breath beat 
while glorifying the virtues of meat! 
(devil's claws in guise of tools) 
when life is bright red arrows aimed 
at the heart of the whore 
(screaming no soul in all that be!) 
on wednesday in church the wine 
a savior forced to drown in blood 
when whores an empty struggle sell 
(decadence like a blister will swell!) 
slaughterhouses sink deep in the north 
and where to find dissecting leaders?

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