Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister


We must raise the Citadel of Light, reason and race from the swamp of degeneracy and decadence.

We must resurrect the eternal glory of European nobility in the guise of snappy uniforms (both resembling past styles but also incorporating futurist elements), worn by blonde beasts with such grace that their goosestepping splendor will make not just the earth but also men's hearts tremble.

We must built ships that will not traverse the Seven Seas but the Milky Way and the stars beyond, ships with no sails but engines powered by fuel, sweat and the creative cunning of the race that gave the world everything and will give the universe more than even God ever dreamt of.

Modern space Cossacks with tsarist-style uniforms, double-headed eagle on their helmets, the North Star on their laser weapons, aimed at those filthy pests that dare to invade the realm of the eternal emperor, the archetype of the race, eternal and always blindingly beautiful, his image adorning craters from Mars to Venus.

The talons of the eagle grasp tight the fate that is the destination of the Aryan armada, set out to circumnavigate the universe and jump dimensions to alter the face of reality, to bend the laws of Newton to its indomitable will, colonizing not just red rocks but also its own existence with an immortal halo that will not rival but surpass the one imposed on us by a religion weak-kneed and servile. To surpass and then to dominate the minds of men is the key to the eternal glory of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Rebirth. Their names are Blood, Honor, Genetics and Technocracy. All for the benefit of the White man's comfort and lust, distributing its advantages generously among a public elevated to the status of collective godhood. Odin's eye replaced with a laser beam cutting through the shield of ignorance with bliss and determination.

Tanks trump trinkets and armies of doom will crush and create, a new world on the ruins of the old, a new city on the ashes of the old, a megalopolis for a village!, a spaceport for a museum!, the will to burst forth from a cocoon that has been enwrapping the minds of mice for men is the prerequisite that has been predicted by men of valor and insight, such as the world has witnessed the fury of the ancients before, so it shall witness the fury of the future! The future angry hot and decidedly damning all to the pitiless pit that deserve no anger or spite but only neglect and forgetfulness. Forgotten the treachery and deceit, the lies and the hypocrisy, not worth to shed a tear over a glimpse of a vision that was never meant to be, a drop on a hot rock, now the time has come to grab a bull by his balls, to feel the strength of pure rage flow within the veins of mercenaries paid in blood and sacrifice, mercenaries ready to do the deed long overdue!

A deed not dirty but pure, purified the souls and minds of men that massacred other men, the graves filled to the brim with the bleached bones of orcs and their minions, the lance of the legionaries pointing towards the far sun on the horizon, a sun that shall guide as once Mercury led travellers to their destinations safely and soundly, a sun that shall shine not only brightly on the firmament of the cosmos and the seat of the gods, but also a transcending vision from within, black as the darkest night but dazzling as the brightest day: from night comes day, night to day, and dark to light, the BLACK SUN enclosed within the heart of the emperor, and the emperor is US, and WE are the emperor. GLORIA MUNDI!

The Sun King and the Moon Queen married among pomp and much splendor. The Moon Queen gave birth to a son, and the son was named DAWN. And DAWN rose above all other men. DAWN become king in his father's place, and DAWN illuminated the dark and damp streets behind hovels and brothels. DAWN enacted laws that permitted no one to receive that did not give. And the people loved DAWN like they never loved a king before. Because they saw in DAWN themselves, elevated above petty existence to a plane previously unheard of: a plane hitherto only imagined in legends and myths. Because DAWN was the slayer of dragons and ogres that was, is and always will be. DAWN has many names, and many ages worshipped DAWN. DAWN always becomes king when DUSK is slain and NIGHT defeated. Both the children of the setting sun and the daughters of darkness flee in terror under the wrathful eyes of DAWN!

And the horses neighed and the people clapped and cheered and were jubilant for the Lord has risen and the lord demandeth but also giveth, and the offerings to the Lord were plentiful and the Lord's deeds were recorded for they were the deeds not of mortal men but the deeds of the true one that assembles the masses and melts them down and reforges them on the Anvil of Will until they become hard and ready and willing to slip into the adamantine-plated suits and the nuclear-powered vehicles that will carry them across the mountains into the valley to face their mortal enemy, and shots are fired and targets are aimed at, explosions heard for miles all around, blood spilt, both righteous and vile, and corpses scattered all around the valley, and the adamantine-plated suit-wearing army of vengeance will realize that their objective has been achieved: the purification of the vile valley for the benefit and glory of the true Lord.

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