Dienstag, 10. März 2015



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

We shall see who cut the dice! We shall see who cut the ribbon! We shall see who shredded the documents! It is now apparent that the Jewish spirit has not only infested the minds and souls of countless innocent young brothers and sisters. It has also entrenched itself in the ecosphere. The wind that blows from the frozen waste lands in Antarctica, slightly caressing the tops of volcanoes in South America, is now infused with tiny particles of decompository particles. These particles are partly produced by factories on the East Coast of the United States of AmeriKKKa and partly by tribesmen in the barren fields of North Etrigeia. What these particles do is well known in certain scientific circles. They settle on forests and fields and slowly transform vibrant organic life into a purely vegetative state of existence. The resisting powers of the immune systems, formerly inherent in flora and fauna all across the globe, have been totally neutralized. This means that the true manipulators, with the Asian mind and the White face, can perform mundane operations and sell them as miracles.

And the juice flowed freely from the manifold wounds that he received at the hands of his Roman captors. The juice was red, and the juice was called blood. And it took 10,000 years to build the apparatus that enabled the scientists to travel back in time to observe the christening of the Christ child. And the Christ child became the great ennobler of the great continent of Europe. Crusading from coast to coast, beheading from north to south and baptizing from west to east, the Christ child became the benefactor of the minority that secretly ruled from sea to shining sea. And the world was his oyster, and he ate it with just a bit of pepper and lemon juice. After all, he was a sophisticated gentleman as an adult. He was well-versed in the arts of deception and seduction. He deceived kings and politicians and seduced children and women. All did his bidding. Some started wars in his interest. Some stroked his ego and bedded him to receive the seed of the suckproof store storm.

And hurricanes and tornadoes and floods ravaged the sinful cities and the lecherous countryside. And the way was paved for total destruction by the breath of G-d. And the cripples limped along the wasted lands, frozen and covered in ash and debris and burnt paper. All books had been burned by a brigade of book-burning fanatics from sector AZ7. These were non-literate days. Days when humanity only ate and fucked. These were the days of the desire of the flesh. The wind-swept road to Ilniguria was littered with dead babies, fucked to death by hormone-driven barbarians from the Eastern Lands of Desert Doom. The King of Skulls presided over an army of baby zombies. This army could attack and kill any intruder that dared to sneak into the hallowed halls of Mount Grotto. King Skull was an autocrat that liked to pet baby frogs on leave from swamp tours in the seedy fields. Baby frogs 100 years old! Where the witch sowed the seeds of the Jewish spirit things did not die.

Gottfried Benn drank a strong coffee. He had just finished writing a complex sonnet about the beauty of putrefying flesh in the morgue where he was temporarily employed. Flesh of Hitler that stank to the seven high heavens cried out for mercy while struck down into the pits of hell. No amount of propaganda by the Ministry of Truth could rectify the disaster that ensued after the campaign on the icy red planet had been completely bungled by incompetent generals and mute guide dogs. The Christ child clapped in joy and went out into the nether regions, abandoning his children to their miserable fate. The Earth turned into a pit of despair, wailing bottles and screaming cans of recycled garbage piling ever higher on the seven hills around the eternal city. The clown that smiled was the clown that cried. The meters measured were the meters traversed. The toil to build the new city surpassed the force that had been employed to destroy the old one.

In rode the Beast of the Apocalypse. It breathed fire and sweated acid. Big drops of acid dripping down its hideously scaled body, dissolving the beauty and innocence of kindergartens and churches. Evangelical Christians prayed to the Christ child: “Oh Lord, have mercy on your innocent children! Show us the way to the city on the shining hill, so that we may occupy it and construct an airport where the airplane with the savior may safely land.” An accompanying tune of a deeply patriotic nature faded into the distance when the swamp was paved over with concrete and yellow bricks. The sun went down, and the moon went up. Transformed into a furry mass of fury, Gottfried Benn howled at the moon and licked his fangs, smelling his prey, ready for the kill and his final dinner. The candles on the dinner table had been stolen from an altar in a nearby church. The church would later be bombed by the ruthless killers of the Royal Air Force during a bombing raid that defied description with the demonic scope of its immense brutality.

Out walked the child with a cane in his hand. It had aged from seven to seventy in a mere seven minutes. The foreigner did not gain admittance to the forbidden city. He waited in front of its gates for days, weeks and years. Millennia passed, and the foreigner was still denied entrance to the forbidden city. The key to pleasure in his mind did not fit into any imaginary lock. He could not pleasure himself without feeling the guilt instilled in him by the strict and always admonishing Christ child seated in heaven but all around. The attack on the city was preceded by a sermon given by a priest outside the city walls. He banged on the pulpit with an iron-gloved fist, admonishing those who dared to listen with a strict voice: “The destruction of this once holy city is imminent and we deserve to kill those that will not bow to the will of the Almighty. Can you not see that it is the will of the Lord Our Savior?” And the idols were smashed, and the Christ child rejoiced. The obedience of his slaves was in tune with the laws of the cosmos.

August 17, 2008

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