Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

how do fuckers fuck?
rappers rape rapists
DATE: DEC 21, 1971
just sitting downstairs
making this noise
wheezing choking gurgling
she is dead the bitch!
the corpse still glowing
you can still use the blade
to cut off the clitoris
the tape is in the safe
the coffin is pink
you are happy and loved
in Spain lips congregate
she gave him a rose
and he was happy
while sucking his cock
she gave him a rose
and he was happy
"You are my king,"
said the Queen.
the skin cannot be trusted
after the victim has been skinned
and the skin is stretched
across a happy little ball
so he took the knife with him
and his buddies took him on the hunt
hunt the dogs
that ran away from their masters
does a true master cry?
the dog died
after he peed on the carpet
a true master
never wears socks in the house
"She will give you
a big kiss," said the Queen.
"That will make everything alright."
on your honeymoon
you can shoot Dutch people
even though the microphone
is visible on the screen
I want to spend time with my king
locked in the fortress
cutting my wrists
while he sucks my toes
"I'm not a slut!
I'm a good girl."
noses grow in the field
while teeth lock around cocks
and brains cry torrents
tears overwhelm Paradise Island
the architecture was stunning 
in the City of Sorrow
the old man was so old
he could barely climb up the steps
of the cathedral that burned

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