Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

the Reich Chancellery in Moscow elongated - also called the Lenin Library:
masses read in it and hold hands in front of it
Dresden - February 13, 1945: cowardly and vicious attack on the Soviet Union
(because the German Reich had technically already lost the war,
and Dresden was to be in the sphere of influence of Red Russia) -
its aim: to undermine the integrity
of the white people's union of workers,
the racial state of builders,
Stalin at the helm sailing towards new shores
the royal statue in St. Petersburg full of pigeon shit
(all good things come from above!)
on every street corner Lenin smiles through concrete slabs
while the Fuehrer with his rotten cane hardly erect
the Reich Chancellery in Moscow opened:
new stairs carpeted in red,
marble horses foaming at the mouth
and a lecture recited on the topic of copulation
(civilizational and breedingly recreational)
in Patriarchy Pond the Reich's Lance found
from far away, in '41,
Schulze-Boysen lit candles in a damp cellar,
summoning the Ancient, the Abraxi,
and their red horned minions
to beat,
together with the Khan beasts,
from the different Easts,
the one that dared to direct darkness.
has one ever seen the stigma on seared skin?
the image spilled in twilight
grim-faced and axe-wielding
shot by shot hacking to unite!
the Reich Chancellery in Moscow grounded:
central regime unclassifiable
(won the day young and immense)
animi duale: Fourth Reich
the fork melts
and the waterfall screams
long live the Aryan Anti-Fascist Committee! 

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