Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Part I

Races do not exist. Individuals that make up a race exist. Hence, a race cannot defend itself against attack. Only the individuals that make up a race can defend themselves against attack. A race does not have a consciousness. The individuals that make up a race must speak for the race. An individual may die, but the race can live eternal in the individuals of the same race that follow in his footsteps.

Liberal capitalism replaces the thought of being a part of a long chain of individuals of the same race with the thought of trying to amass wealth and live the fat life. In liberal capitalism, egotism trumps race awareness. One feels subconsciously that one's race is one's family but consciously one thinks that families are expensive and one wants to live the fat life.

Babies are expensive in liberal capitalist societies. Better not to have babies and live the fat life. Liberal capitalist societies destroy racesbecause the individuals that make up the races do not sufficiently reproduce. What about raceRaces die when the individuals that make up the races want to make money more than they want to make and rear children. A race reproduces itself in the offspring of the individuals that make up the race. Thus the sun rises for the race. In liberal capitalism, the sun sets for the race.
Part II

Liberal capitalism promotes abandonment of racial awareness. With racial awareness abandoned, individuals of the same race can pretend without shame that they are MERE individuals with no bond and no commitment. They can buy the latest game console and feel happy about it for about two days. In liberal capitalism, this is called self-fulfillment.

Liberal capitalism promotes abandonment of racial awareness because the people at the top benefit from cheap racially alien labor. The people at the top might be of the same race as the people at the bottom but their blatant acts of constant betrayal mark them as individuals apart. Evolutionarily speaking, the people at the top are mutations that have evolved exclusively to suit the needs of their own tiny classabove the needs of the majority class.

race can therefore not be called liberated unless it liberates itself from the devolutionary effects of liberal capitalism. The majority class must realize that its individual members make up the race that needs to be defended against the insidious attacks by the minority mutant class. As the race itself cannot defend itself, the individual members of the majority class that make up the race must pick up the proverbial sword and defend the race. Thus is racial socialism born.
Part III

Racial socialism is the only way of life for the majority class worth living once the yoke of the mutant parasite class has been cast off. The managerial class is the class that manipulates the majority class for their own gain. The managerial class pretends to manage, but in reality it manipulates the toiling masses that make up the race. The managerial class is alien and is thus condemned to labor in the sunset camps till the end of their days.

Racial socialism is socialism for the race, namely the race that produces and works. This race is composed of workers of the fist and workers of the brow. The workers of the brow are the creative soul of the race and the workers of the fist are the engine that propels the raceinto the millennia to come.

Racial socialism must be recognized as the only viable alternative to the liberal capitalist system of death and decay. Racial socialism is the weltanschauung of rebirth and solar flexibility in the face of an indifferent universe. God is dead. Out of the ashes of cathedrals and the bones of Darwin, racial socialists shall create the new gods that will herald the coming age of irrational labor and designed evolution.
Part IV

The majority class makes up the race. The race creates its own destiny. Those outside the race, the mutant parasites and aliens, will only be able to gape at the marvels unfolding before them, from far away or from behind bars. The majority class as the race creates solutions to obstacles and finds new ways to traverse old and long-trodden paths.

New vistas will open when inter-dimensional wormholes are pierced like a knife pierces a wedding cake. The workers of the race will unite and united traverse the known universe and the unknown parallel universe. Their brothers in sweat and toil from beyond will gladly shake their hands as the ships sail smoothly through space. A monument on Mars will commemorate the labor that went into terraforming the red planet. Making Venus habitable will be a much harder task but with diligence and dedication it shall be accomplished as smoothly as the war that liberated the noble race from its mutant overlords was won.

Martian socialism is the term assigned for the glorification of all deeds galactic and extraterrestrial. The hammer is the neutron gun and the sickle is the laser blade. The flag of the five-pointed white star will proudly wave in the artificial atmosphere on countless planets, allcolonized by the brave men and women of the race that aeons ago first set foot on deserts and shores hitherto unknown to the race that came from the cold and crispy clear. Warm and bathed in light now the children of the race!
Part V

Reclaiming territory and claiming territory previously unclaimed is the most honorable activity that the race will have to engage in. What was once lost will be embraced again and what was never embraced before will be embraced even tighter. New roads on new planets and new cities on new moons will usher in the age of the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn will last forever and the race will seat the emperor on the throne that was never vacant but always occupied in the hearts and minds of all individuals that make up the race.

What the race demands the race gets. What the workers built will last through storms and meteor hails. The future is perfection built on Greek genius and non-Euclidian geometry. Buildings warped but functional and aesthetic pleasure derived from perusing shelves and shelves of books and tomes on lore forgotten and not yet created, ancient and progressive, archaeic and futuristic. All will be read and evaluated and put to use by the workers of the brow for the benefit of the race.

And when the sun goes down over the homeland of the race, the sun never goes down. Lights inside and outside and above and beyond, illuminating the sky and the underworld, people passing to and fro, life never ceases. The Earth finally hollow, a brain toiling to think: "What next?" Next the world ends again while new worlds are born. A cycle of life ever-lasting and hope not vanquished but released into the vacuum of space.

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