Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister 

“The nations are dead, for Europe is born.” 
-- Francis Parker Yockey 

Norman Lowell has a vision. A vision of what Europe will become. Not what Europe should become but what Europe WILL become. According to Lowell, the year 2012 will be the year 0. Time will start afresh for our race. A new beginning, a new dawn - a new aeon approaches. While ancient traditions will be upheld and cherished, modern technology will be implemented to both boldly innovate new paths and persistently perpetuate former greatness. Lowell wants Aryan heroes of yore, like ancient Spartan warrior Leonidas, to be cloned, thus ensuring that the new genetically enhanced generation of natural leaders will be supported by proven leaders from our glorious past. A new species of Aryan supermen will once again rule the planet and - finally! - the cosmos beyond. 

Lowell is right when he stresses the importance of the unity of ALL Europeans. Only as a unified bloc will the White race be able to overcome the anti-Occidental forces which have as their ultimate goal the total destruction of Magna Europa (Europe and its daughters AmeriKa, Canada, Chile, Argentina and Australasia) and the complete annihilation of all Europids on the planet. Alas, a White race bloc (composed of Anglo-Saxons, Teutons, Slavs and Latins) that asserts itself as such will be able to once and for all overcome internal divisions only if it ruthlessly crushes all signs of resurging petty nationalisms. There is no place for separatist tendencies in the Imperium Europa. A fragmented Europe, as the past has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, is a weak Europe. The need for a Europe that is truly ONE is a pressing need indeed: a Europe “from sea to shining to sea,” from Dublin to Vladivostok is the ONLY Europe that has any chance of survival in the cataclysmic events that lie ahead. Like Friedrich Nietzsche, one has to learn to become “a good European” instead of a good German, a good Russian, a good Englishman, etc. 

Our true motherland is the Imperium Europa! We must forge a new identity! We must create the new European man! Nations are concepts that betray the imperial destiny of the worker as the creator of a new cosmos. The economy, as well as society at large, must be centralized. This is why we need an Imperium Europa. While each nation has the right to retain its cultural and ethnic autonomy, chauvinist nationalisms must be crushed. We must oppose petty nationalism as it is a provincial dead-end form of worship. The only nation that must be worshipped is Holy Europe. The mixing of different European nationalities should therefore be encouraged. We must support sexual unions between Russian women and German men, Spanish men and Swedish women. Only by radically breaking down the artificial barriers dividing Europe can we create the new breed of man - a breed that has ONE allegiance only, the allegiance to the Imperium Europa! 

Imperial capitalism as opposed to international capitalism is the best economic system for the future empire. There will be no need for an influx of cheap labor in the form of racially alien immigrants or “guest workers” if all citizens of the empire can freely trade within the empire’s borders, without the pressure that the current global financial system imposes upon Europe by flooding its gates with inferior goods, services and people. Europe simply cannot compete with the incredibly low standards of the Third World. Hence, Europe must force itself to rigidly adhere to its own standards which should be nothing less than excellent. In opposition to Lowell, I would dare argue that some form of social commitment from the side of the state is necessary to ensure that the weaker elements of the population are properly taken care of. After all, the elite exists to serve the masses and not the other way around. Hence, free-market socialism seems to be the appropriate model for implementing both the necessary competition to guarantee progress and the vital security net that the state must provide for its citizens in need. Socialism denotes the ineludible bond of common ancestry. 

Lowell is correct when he argues that all life on Earth might be extinguished at any moment by a meteorite. This is why, according to Lowell, our race must get off this planet and start colonizing space. While avoiding danger might be one of the reasons for racial expansion in deep space, another - and more natural! - incentive is the mere existence of the Promethean aspect of our race soul, an existence that can never be denied and never be suppressed. Self-sufficiency is the key. However, it is imperative that we shall not limit our scope to this planet only. We must ever strive to become the Faustian beasts that we were always meant to be. The sun must circle around US! Domination of our own by ourselves is a necessary prerequisite, in order to establish the Imperium of the End, ruled by the dictatorship of the class that creates. There is no Aryan nation. There is only an Aryan class. Programs to colonize and eventually terraform new planets need to be established (after all, the threat of meteorites threatening our race on Earth is a very real one). NOVA EVROPA will be the first Aryan settlement on Mars. 

The Prolet-Aryan is the creator and sustainer who destroys the old order, paving the way for the new and improved. He lends a guiding hand to the lesser races, elevating them with his own ascent to godhood. The red flag of socialism is the flag of blood, the blood that flows in the veins of the Aryan worker-soldiers of the coming empire of war, struggle and conquest. Like the socialist flag, Mars is red. Mars is not only a planet but also the god of war. Hence, war must be declared in the name of blood and the red planet colonized in the name of socialism. Yuri Gagarin showed us the way. We must follow! 

Because of its non-universal nature and ethnic character, Paganism (in all its incarnations, be they Odinism or Mithraism) is Europe’s only legitimate religion. Christianity is indeed, as Norman Lowell calls it, “an abject religion fit for children and slaves.” The main and most glaring problem that Europe has with Christianity is that this religion is not European, either in nature or origin. No matter how much of Christianity has been Paganized (or Europeanized), in its essence it remains a Semitic cult from the desert of the Middle East. Anti-Semitic European Christians are the epitome of hypocrisy as they worship a dead Jew on a piece of wood (which, to make it even clearer, had “I.N.R.I.” ["Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews"] written on it) while at the same time denigrating all Jews (even European ones) collectively as enemies of the West. Lowell has good reasons to attack the Church. The Church, being the official representative of an alien creed, has made its anti-European intentions known. The Jesuits in Malta ("refuse collectors” as Lowell correctly calls them) and their Catholic brothers elsewhere in Europe favor unrestricted immigration, based on the insane Christian belief that your enemy should be loved and not fought. The times of the Crusades, when the Church actually favored the defense of Europe against her enemies from the desert, are gone. The current behavior of the Church merely proves that Europe flourished not because of but in spite of Christianity. As self-aware and confident Europeans, we must praise Dr. Faustus the Aryan, not Jesus the Semite! 

Influenced by the Belgian geopolitician Jean Thiriart, Lowell shows himself to be a true libertarian when he argues that, while the future empire should be strictly guarded against external threats, inside the empire complete freedom for the individual should reign (e.g., legalization of drugs, freedom of speech, etc.). To put it another way: It should not matter what one does in private when one is a loyal citizen of the empire in public. In the future European empire, the private and public spheres of life will be strictly separate. Or as Thiriart argued, the Imperium (concerned with imperial decisions) is distinct and not necessarily a reflection of the Dominium (concerned with personal decisions). If one wants a hooker and shoot up heroin, one should be free to get one and do so. We do not need moralizing pundits in the empire. The empire will not be a nanny state, composed of repressed individuals and zealous Puritans. In short, the future European empire will not become a for Whites only carbon copy of the contemporary US of A! 

Lowell astutely points out a fact that many White nationalists (especially the chauvinist European variety) like to forget: AmeriKa is an integral part of Magna Europa. Contemporary White Americans (AKA the only true Americans) are not nearly as emasculated as contemporary Europeans. (White) Americans still have an essentially healthy imperial vision. It is thus a shame that AmeriKa’s vigorous, and basically Faustian, drive for world domination is not based on a race-affirming ideology (as it was in the glory days of Teddy Roosevelt). From a Machiavellian point of view, there is nothing wrong with AmeriKa’s subjugation of the Middle East. However, this endeavor would only be noble if it served an Aryan objective. Vinland awake! It is not too late. If AmeriKa once again realized its holy mission to assert European might (as opposed to abstract and false values, such as “universal” [no such thing] democracy) across the globe, it would be able to safeguard European man’s iron grip of dominance. Invading countries like Iraq and Iran would be noble pursuits if it were done to exploit these countries (for the benefit of the White race only) instead of “liberating” them (for the benefit of a multiracial and bastardized elite). Lowell’s message must be heeded by Washington: AmeriKa must come home into the future Imperium Europa. A bridge across the Bering Strait! 

Lowell prophesies that in the future Imperium, all citizens will be “proud to belong to that Biological Aristocracy that is the Europid Race.” That is what I call Gene Pool Romanticism, the mystical glorification of blood and the rational exaltation of the whole (as opposed to the indiviudal parts that make up the whole). While individuals are many, the Race is one. Through generations and through aeons, links have been unbroken, from Cristopher Columbus to Neil Armstrong, individuals of the Race conquering new ground for the Race as a whole. As the late John Tyndall said, Armstrong’s was “a giant leap for White mankind!” 

time has come 
to close the window 
shut out the draft 
the filthy stench 
to breathe the air 
of freedom 
to rule all 
and evermore 
an empire 
to bind 
perplexing vision 
fit for masters 
not sheep 


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