Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"The Jews are the backbone of the White race."
-- Albert Caraco

"God works by races ... The Aryan and the Semite are of the same blood and origin, but when they quitted their central land they were ordained to follow opposite courses. Each division of the great race has developed one portion of the double nature of humanity, till after all their wanderings they met again, and, represented by their two choicest families, the Hellenes and the Hebrews, brought together the treasures of their accumulated wisdom and secured the civilisation of man."
-- Benjamin Disraeli

The Jews won World War II. They earned their ethnic homeland through blood, sweat and tears. In fulfillment of G-d's wishes, the ancient Israelites returned to their ethnic homeland remade in the image of Michelangelo's King David. As we see, control has shifted from the blue-eyed to the blue-eyed. Red-haired and willing to use the room and the gun, the red-haired and blue-eyed look ahead with renewed fervor. The room symbolizes an enclosed encampment. The gun symbolizes the tower from whose top the world can be seen and surveyed. Ah, the gaze that met a thousand tears! 

Only one language is now spoken in the tower. And one people rules over all other peoples. This people is the people of the book. The book has been completely digitized, so there is no need to leaf through its pages. Simply click on the bottom left corner of the screen. The snake inside the machine replaces the god inside the machine. No more deus ex machina! From now on, the snake will rescue all with beating wings and slithering tongue. Lucifer reborn in the body of the snake in the shape of a people that is both psychopathic and divine, insane and holy, demented and righteous. But is not a certain man demanding an axe with which to kill the lonely babushka? Lucifer is this man that represents the red-haired people. But the man's hair is black and his eyes are blue. Piercing like a gush of water through a wall of fire. 

The chosen ones have chosen the cup that the world must drink. It is the cup of salvation. We, the children of Adam, will become like them, we will become one, the liquid of love and longevity pulsing through our veins, we shall absorb them as they shall absorb us. Psychosis as the great enabler, divine madness as the catalyst of transcendence: overcoming obstacles and traversing the tracks laid by Dionysus and Jesus, drinking the wine of the gods and the blood of the Christ. Ah, to be young again, chastising the heathens in the jungles of Mexico! The sign of the Cross radiating above the spheres, illuminating a heaven made for us by them - and we are them and they are us!

Excalibur: two-pronged sword digging into the flesh of the non-believers. Jerusalem liberated by a man on a white stallion. The man is wearing a black cloak. He is a wizard! From the pages of Tolkien to the streets of Jerusalem. The wizard shakes his fist at the gods in the sky and God in the sky. He cries to heaven, bearing a diamond cross on his back, nobody helps him carry it. All shops are closed to him. He kneels down to pray. Next to him is the hooded deathsman with the axe.

All the cities on the Old Continent are closed for business. In the New Continent business is booming. The chosen people have left the Old Continent and set up shop in the New Continent. The city on the hill is beckoning for customers to buy the latest shining beads. The psychotics band together and shoot Willy Brandt while he is kneeling at the Wailing Wall. Willy Brandt's brain splatters all over the Wailing Wall. Now do you see the writing on the Wailing Wall? It states clearly: "He who cometh here shall conquereth there." Whining and dining at the wall: tears and caviar the new producer of technology and comfort create. Once old Columbus, now a new Cortez.

The Zone yields no more swag. Now it is merely a strip with caged brown animals. Policed and walled in, these animals walk to and fro in their little cage, wailing and crying all the while. Let them eat cake! The order of the police chief is quite clear. We are the psychotic race and we rule you. The apocalypse of the psychotic race is an apocalypse that reverses liberal evolution. Back to Victorian warfare and back to prancing on the heads of the wogs. Who is the psychotic race? The race that created Hamlet, Moses and Snow White. In hamlets they might dine, dreaming of castles.

A dusty town in Arizona: Tombstone or Graveyard City. Yahweh and Odin meet in a saloon. Yahweh has just annihilated another tribe hostile to the chosen ones. Odin has just lost one of his eyes in a duel with a giant from the Netherworld. Odin and Yahwehstand at the bar, drinking whisky. The Abraxi are sitting at tables behind them, playing cards and generally jesting. Yahwehsuggests to Odin to get a drink somewhere quieter. Odin disagrees. He likes it loud and rambunctious. Yahweh says okay no problem, old pal. They cheer and talk about the world that they both created. In Odin's Valhalla, all men are warriors, in Yahweh's Heaven all men play the lyre. Can't we find a middle ground?, asks Yahweh. Sure, says Odin. Let's agree to fuse the two afterlivesinto one afterlife. My men can fight at Ragnarok while your men can play the lyre to cheer them on. That's a deal, says Yahweh.

Loki had his lips sown shut. But of course he cut the thread. Now he can talk again. He is talking with Lucifer on the threshold of Armageddon. Loki says, Hey man we are both acting in the same spirit, we are both trying to get rid of the rule, man. Lucifer says, sipping the whisky, It is better to rule in hell than be served in a really bad saloon like this one. Loki says, But we are both trying to get something out of it, aren't we? I mean, we are both pretty much the outcasts of the story, no? I mean, we both don't really belong. Yeah, yeah, you got hell and I got nothing really, but we both don't really dig the whole god thing, or do we? Sipping his whisky, Lucifer replies, Let me tell you: Yes, you are right, I am a fallen angel, I have once lived above the dunes, now I live above the cities, and let me tell you, the bright lights of the cities really do more for me. Finally I can see my own kind burning.

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