Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Hitler and Mussolini: Europe’s ruin, destructive duo dancing in dumb do-gooders' and drained dolts’ dreams.

Ernst Niekisch argued that Italian Fascism and German National Socialism were both of Roman origin, the latter following in the footsteps of the former, thus becoming more Fascist than National Socialist, more Roman than German. Like the Catholic Church, Fascism and National Socialism established a religion. While the church preached salvation in the afterlife, the Fascists and National Socialists preached salvation on earth. The Jewish nature of Fascism and National Socialism is evident when one considers the messianic aspect of the two movements. While Jewish Christianity had Jesus as its savior and redeemer, Fascism and National Socialism had the Duce and the Fuehrer. The Roman-style Fascist and National Socialist parades betrayed their affinity to papal processions.

National Socialism is non-Germanic in nature and an enemy of the freedom-loving Northern peoples of Europe. Fascism and National Socialism darkened the heart of Europe. Goethe said that in the south of Europe, he saw “the black girls and the white bread” and in the north of Europe “the white girls and the black bread.” This shows that the Southern peoples of Europe are aliens to the Northern ones. The importation of white bread into the culinary habits of Nordic peoples is a reflection of a much larger crime, namely that of cultural imperialism, Hitler’s brown legionnaires being the Roman manifestation of its enforcement.

Hitler was an agent of Rome, serving the anti-Nordic interests of Nazi Germany’s treacherous Italian ally. According to Niekisch, Italy was Hitler’s Palestine, his promised land. Hitler’s slavish emulation of Roman traditions serves as a proof of his duplicity, acting as a fifth column inside Germany.

All pure Aryans should by nature be strict anti-Fascists. Aryan Anti-Fascist Action (AAA) is on the Race’s agenda!

Born in the Bavarian and Catholic bourgeois capital of counter-revolutionaries, Munich, National Socialism was the creation of anti-Protestant, and hence anti-German, agents of white bread Roman forces. These forces wanted to soften the German people, to dilute the Nordic race soul with elements of Southern effeminacy. National Socialism was a revolt against the Prussian spirit of social cohesion and Spartan asceticism. Goose-stepping soldiers of doom against the West, that was Prussia! National Socialism is the antipode of Prussian Socialism: South against North, West against East – the geography of struggle for the soul of Europe, eternally torn between its allegiance to suicide and its inclination to steel itself once more again. Has seen sweating cursing Slavs drink burn! Cross down, Triskele up!

Europe died on 22 June, 1941. The resurrection announced by shame in the West and pride in the East! The Messiah is dead, long live the Race! People to work, show resolve to kill time and desert the Book! The sufferings of Nordic Europe: young one shot dead, old one crippled, lest the mark be shown Cain chained to the torso of terror, terrorizing itself.

where is the citadel?
where has it gone?
it has vanished!
o wanderer of planes,
where once were columns
keeping order to murder
now there is rabble
copulating senselessly
not barbaric
but civilized and dead

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