Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Bolshevism - labor as the creative impulse of the universe - global unity - labor as the Faustian impulse (both labor of the hand and labor of the brow) to overcome - evolution as labor - Lenin and Ernst Jünger: The New Soviet Man of Labor overcoming biological divisions, ensuring that mankind as a whole progresses - the act of labor an act of love and loyalty to mankind - Rosa Luxemburg and Nicholas Roerich: Communism and Theosophy: Unity through labor and common spirituality (the worker as the divine archetype of the cosmic creator) - create and believe!

Globalization is progress. Evolution strives for ever greater entities.

The Eurasian race is the future race. All things change, nothing stays the same. Everything is in constant flux, the new race born out of the wombs of tribes merged into an empire, consulting only within itself the oracle high on top of the hill, shining bright for all to see and consult. The Eurasian race and spirituality: belief in the one and belief in the many, the god is the root race from the North, and the peoples of the South merged with the people from the North and the peoples of the West must merge with the peoples from the East - the root race blossoming once more, harkening back to the days when everything was one, indivisible and the arrow pointing upwards.
Resources: another reason to start colonizing and terraforming other planets. We need one Eurasia, many Eurasias, a global Eurasia, a cosmic Eurasia!

Creative Destruction: Globalization and Its Discontents: The Spread of Capitalist Democracy and the Destruction of So-Called “Traditional Societies”: A Necessary Prerequisite for the Establishment of the Kingdom of the End: Out of Chaos - Order, Out of Order - GOLDEN DAWN: The Liberation of the Individual and the Bondage of the Masses: Dialectic and Mutual Dependence: One Without the Other - the Result: The Impossibility of Toppling Statues of Tyrants: The Haunting of Mammon AKA The Liberation of Lucifer: One and the Same!

The hive of the worker race, the race that toils in pits and sweats in chasms, between smoking volcanoes and raging floods, on boats battling waves and on mountain tops braving snowstorms, the worker race hoists its flag, its promise of fulfillment, G-d’s plan implemented in the genes geared for generosity and gestalt-forming: the gestalt of the Worker in the dreams of the patients etherized upon slabs in a cold morgue. The long trek towards the creation of a new homeland leads through the debris of blown up meteors and the vapor of ash clouds: inverted wormholes spit out the remains of what did not have the stomach and stamina to pass through intact and looking forward, spade in hand and ready for digging.

Rassenkampf: the progressive races versus the backwards races: the dialectics of extermination, assimilation, supplantation (Who needs negroes in the 21st century?): history is linear, the direction is forwards, upwards and skywards - Communist prophet Moses Hess famously stated: “The race struggle is the primal one, and the class struggle secondary.” The truth of his statement is self-evident. We declare this truth to be self-evident. Some truths scream “I am the truth!” in your face, sometimes on a crowded inner-city bus in downtown Atlanta and sometimes on the way home from work in Moscow (the footbridge behind the Church of Christ the Savior where all the bums and Tajik construction workers hang out). G-d, or the World Spirit, asks for no favors, he taketh and giveth according to the providence of progress. Which race is the providence of progress? The race that toils above and below, with the hand and the brow forging structures and creating ideas for the World Spirit to inhabit and ponder. How to next go from here to there? All the way there.

formerly known as agents 
of change 
desire overcame them 
came a long way 
back then 
and now 
(knuckleheads dragging knuckles 
“It ain’t so!") 
red ribbon 
white ribbon 
black ribbon 
globe (world) 
(step one 
step two 
step three) 
infinite consciousness 
touching the hole 
(final step)

That reminds me of the kingdom of the king and the queen and all their subjects, they could never stop shitting, the whole land was covered with brown shit and many a weary traveller wondered what all the brown stuff was about. “Ah, it’s the soil upon which our farmers toil,” the peasants told the weary traveller.

We have seen what happens when a workers’ party establishes the dictatorship of the dictators: they dictate and people follow, the Ministry of Internal and Secret Affairs micromanages people’s private lives and the Ministry of Economical Affairs macromanages the planned economy. As a result, almost everyone is happy. People shop and people buy, and sometimes they die.

The winter birth: Babies held by two SS men, heads impaled by sentries, guarding the castle at night when the moon is low like a testicle, and the sun has been locked in a cage. Darkness covered the land and the cows stopped mooing and the dogs ceased their barking.

And fat sow says hello to skinny horse: “Hello, skinny horse.” “Hello, fat sow.” And winter came early, thought the man in green and blew his nose. His handkerchief covered in green slime. And how to build a civilization on snot?, the man in green asked himself. A green ocean filling up the craters on the red luscious lips, wave after wave until the ocean is drained and the big nose is almost empty inside.

Thor’s Hammer: O Mjolnir, deliver me from evil! Smash the righteous one and install the tyranny of the strong! We are not righteous, we have never been righteous and we shall never be righteous. We are the strong ones and we smash the weak. We are born of the witch in the season of song. We grow up in the season of stress. We die in the season of salt. Rub salt in the wounds of those you cut! One day we shall wake up and see the sea seeping in, crawling over towns and villages, submerging countries and swallowing continents. Just like Atlantis sunk into the endless depths of the ocean, so shall our civilization sink into the endless depths of the ocean. The ocean is our mother and our mother can take back what she gave. Our mother is a kind mother. Our mother is an angry mother. What our mother commands we shall perform. If she commands for us to perish, we shall perish. And we shall perish with joy and a song on our lips, a proud song full of joy. And one day we shall rise again, wielding the mighty hammer.

time rolls on 
race accepted as the norm 
to free minds racial progress 
to build the future 
regard themselves THE EARTH

racethink groupthink newspeak 
but no wings 
but no spine

The sun is a pale orb in the sky. The eclipse provides additional nourishment to the vampires. Stale human flesh is slowly rotting in the basement of the old house. Its foundation long ago eroded, it might collapse any minute. Around the corner the sheriff’s office is closed and all the cops out on patrol, having been alerted to the possibility of a massive vampire attack during the eclipse. It is dark and blood is flowing, from a hail of bites and tears.

We can see where it is all heading: People swallow pills to make themselves feel nice and comfy, people drink a beer or five or ten to forget about their troubles at home and at work. Do they see the Satyr playing his flute behind the scenes, playing his flute, emanating venomous and sickly sweet and poisonously pungent melodies of beckoning? Come hither, go thither, stay here, go there, all games and all bread all day long and you can relax at home in your comfy armchair and rest your weary head on some soft pink pillows with pictures of cute cats on them. The message is clear: We see what we want to see and we hear what we want to hear. O my brethren, heed the word! sayeth the Speaker. Do not heed the temptations and beware the word that is not THE WORD!

One man heard what the other man said. But listening was not an option. The source of all content is in the belly and in the loins. The man scratched his cock and rubbed his belly. “I am hungry and I want to fuck,” he said to his reflection in the mirror. “But I am angry and I have nothing to eat,” the reflection replied.

The wine on the table spilled all over the carpet when the drunk man knocked over the bottle. The red stain on the carpet resembled the image of Mother Mary the man had adoringly worshipped in his youth. Religion has never replaced race as the prime progenitor of the people. Who is the true progenitor of the European people - Sarah or Freya? The man looked at the crimson stain on the carpet and reflected to himself: “The image looks like the Mother of God but her breasts are so supple and her mouth is so luscious, she is the mother of all my brothers and sisters. Deep down and far away, the secret of all of our ancestry can be traced back to the vineyards of Germania, and THE SAVIOR, as the son of a Germanic legionnaire and a Jewish whore, is the father of the only symbiosis that matters for the salvation of mankind. The symbiosis that long ago altered the perceptions and intuitions of a large group of herders. The herders themselves brought bliss by the sword to childlike earth diggers and apple pluckers.”

Suit and tie and apple pie: Ingredients for a Conservative Revolution in America. Americans, who harbor ill feelings towards wogs and nogs, still retain a gentle masculinity that puts them in touch with their feminine side: GAYA - Mother Earth - the Mother Goddess, caressing all Vietnams and all Iraqs equally.

One American in Saigon smokes a cigarette, another American in Baghdad drinks a beer. Both Americans can feel the vibrations of the bombs dropped by their airplanes from far up in the sky. Hemingway shot unarmed German soldiers in the back and Americans laugh in his bar in Key West. Americans understand the meaning of irony. Americans are the masters of irony! Americans know the meaning of a quick buck but they do not know the meaning of death! In Salt Lake City, the righteous Mormons rule and the righteous Mormons allow no other gods beside their own. Their god does not indulge in coffee or booze. Their god is a pure one. Americans like to be pure with chemistry and bombs and spreading death across the globe. EDEN EDEN EDEN!

He walked up towards THE MAN and asked him a question, and THE MAN answered and the answer was DECAY.

When the spine was a baby it tried to crawl back into its mother’s womb through an enlarged nipple. Through a waterfall of milk it travelled, through fleshy mounds it traversed until it reached its destination: the control center! The control center was manned by a woman! The woman asked the spine what it wanted and the spine said, “Nothing but HOME!”

We will die to create, we will live to die. And when we wake up we shall be as new! So sayeth the sayer. But who is the sayer? Fire in his loins! The sayer was trapped on a desert island with nothing to drink and nothing to eat and nothing to fuck. And over time the sayer ate himself and drank himself and fucked himself. And then there was nothing left of the sayer.


- two black ducks harassing a white duck

- two black men raping a white woman

A Soviet soldier lonely in a field of black tulips. A lonely soldier of no nation lonely in a field of red roses. Dirty house alive and teeming on the bloodred horizon. Party all night and women galore! Women from all across the globe converge in the center of the house: the playroom! The Soviet soldier and the the lonely soldier of no nation meet in the playroom and shake hands. All and more for the ultimate unity of mankind! Women outside bewailing the loss of their manhood… Their manhood cut off from their bodies and sent to war to crush those that waltz in and take what is rightfully theirs because might is right! On a bench in Tashkent: a baby with a pacifier, nearby two corrupt Uzbek cops smoking cigarettes and harassing a woman three times their age. A picture of Central Asia tells a thousand words about its past! Once a citadel, now a shwarma shop! Once glorious Tamerlane rode out to conquer a thousand villages and a thousand virgins, now the descendants of his minions take the train/plane/automobile to work at cheap construction sites in the heart of an empire that is peopled by ambitious but vodka-jaundiced faces.

As Abraham Lincoln said: “Negroes will be negroes.”

Eurasian Socialism: the masses merge into an amorphous whole - believe in people, education and science - faith in the future - full of striking contradictions - Jesus was the first Communist - “He who doesn’t work shall not eat” - time can be frozen in time and all the race’s glories preserved for eternity ‎- the spaceship Earth is doomed if Eurasian civilization collapses and neither a Chinaman nor an Indian sets foot first on alien soil - can Aryans survive on bread and gold (mined from their own mines) alone?

The iron law of “eternal recurrence” ensures that everything perfectly executed will always be perfectly executed - again and again and again.

Different races create different civilizations. A mighty race creates a superior civilization while a weak race creates an inferior civilization. A very weak race might not be able to create a civilization at all. A civilization does not create a people. A civilization is merely the outward manifestation of the race’s will to power.

Socialism is work and work is creation. The universe created itself. The Big Bang was an act of labor. The universe is itself intrinsically socialistic.

The issue of race becomes irrelevant in an empire.

Races mingle and mix and thus sharpen themselves and their surroundings like diamonds in the rough in a moonlit clearing.

China and India the beacons of the Multitude. What is the Multitude? The disenfranchised denizens of Doom Island and the wired workers of Wonderland, now reaping what their righteous rulers have sown in the fields of dire desire and languishing labor.

tomorrow at noon 
panic at the bombardiers’ 
riding horses 
in Montana

dropping bombs 
on Hamburg 
wearing a Southern gentleman’s leisure suit 
in Alabama




in hope beaten to the ground 
the hog rears its ugly snout 
sniffing truffles in the handbag 
of the old lady 
who had murdered Mr. Time himself 
before she escaped 
into the deep deep forest 
of the Netherworld 
where the hog is sniffing her truffles

houses collapse 
races decay 
classes disappear

new houses are built 
new races are born 
the same classes reemerge

Wall Street reliance cut amid Turkish fears. Flee tanks and the goal to wage propaganda war.


How can it be eternal if it’s not?





What is progressive eternity?

James Joyce, new big incomprehensible novel? Comprehensible in small chunks, in fragments… The big picture a mythology for the ages… One down, two to go, two down, three to go. Finnegan has finally woken up, back from the dead, the walking dead, bite a chunk out of the TV set or just swallow the damn thing wholesale.

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