Dienstag, 10. März 2015

by Constantin von Hoffmeister
It seems that they do. It is otherwise rather inexplicable why they would cheer on the replacement of their own kind, the replacement being engineered by a small elite of racially alien and treacherous traitors and psychopaths. Unless anti-racists are themselves criminally insane, it makes no sense why, if they are essentially good-hearted and level-headed, they would support this blatant act of genocide. Like many kidnap victims end up sympathizing with their kidnappers to make an unbearable situation (complete loss of personal freedom) bearable (by at least availing themselves of the opportunity to have human contact on an artificially friendly basis to escape total isolation), anti-racists seem to have given up on the notion that their own is truly their own and thus collaborate with the very people who have taken away (kidnapped) their tribal instinct by slowly making the tribe (the kidnapped belong to) obsolete. People suffering from Stockholm Syndromeaccept (almost cheerfully but certainly in PERCEIVED good faith) a total lack of freedom to act and decide what is good for themselves by willingly subordinating themselves to the wishes and demands of hostile forces. Like people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, anti-racists are loyal to the very people that harm them.
A visionary stops having visions when the well of dreams dries up. Does the road to Kingston lead through the ashtray of manipulated appearances in plastic surgeries all across Hollywood? Is unreality the price of deconstructing traditional mannerisms? The flower of youth wilts away and fertilizes the soil of "understanding," from whence the tree of temptation grows. What Adam ate, Eve prepared. Original sin is love for the sinner, and the collective conscience of those who worship the image of a god (who is neither good nor just but just away) is merely a troublesome pimple on the face of a community where everyone can feel welcomed, no matter the origin, the more dubious the more exotic the better! Limited compassion mutates into unconditional love for those that may not be able and may not belong, all those with a keen interest in sucking dry the well of dreams. And thereby service is rendered to those with their noses in everything, from the invention of Gutenberg to the machinations of elite politics. The elite must steel itself against the revolt of the masses, the masses not being the proletarians but the half-educated snobs who demand privileges but refuse to render service to the (occidental) civilization that gave them and their ilk EVERYTHING. Thus is fashion followed and lifestyle imitated, and absolutely nothing is rendered unto Caesar. As a result, the decline sets in and the symptoms of a deep-seated illness, Stockholm Syndrome being one of them, manifest themselves on the frail body of a once healthy organism.
The race of the race is the race that races itself into oblivion. Too fast, too young and nothing achieved. Where is the key to success? Is it hidden deep down on the ocean floor? The ocean is wide and megalodons still roam its troubled waters, gobbling up whales and divers looking for bliss in the eternal darkness of the Mariana Trench.
Whore of the Sea!
What do you say?
What do you see?
O tamer of the ocean wild!
We can only surmise what goes on in the heads of people that embrace the cold and dank bodies of stillborn babies. In the Mariana Trench, only illuminated fish and octopi lead the way to Neptune's dome. We see what we are capable of beholding: a trident and a lamb with scales.

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