Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

London is killing me
the Queen is shitting me
Lord Nelson is fucking me
Oxford Street is full of pavement
dwellers dwelling in seedy stardust memory bars
the windows barred
no one can see what is inside the looted store
the ammunition full of ammunition!
the guns blazed a haiku written a nun raped a priest strangled
o Lord! the mercy doled out to men on the dole
eating coal and the mole identified
the spy! the traitor! executed on the spot where Churchill was born
a hive of criminals and subversive elements discovered
underneath the market in Camden Town an illegal opium den
where soft words of love and addiction are spoken easily
beneath the Tower a dungeon unbeknownst to men of virtue
the Queen was not raped with a chainsaw after all
the Queen is the Mother of us all the Queen is virtue incarnate the Queen
is the Queen is the Queen
London Bridge fell down in London!
and a cheap-ass dawn is rising over the desert in Lake Havasu City!
sold for scraps, England, the old beached whale, is slowly desertifying
o come on, ye nomads! pitch yer tents in yonder park!

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