Dienstag, 10. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Part I

the wrong rine carred
the moo flat longged
lounged and lisped
licked and spittled
the wine that whispered
welfish and elfish the bow!
drank and stank the sand!
man in libido ed perfectus
oh the Roman came alright
fished the dish and mished
the wish that came sputtered
crying alongside the mustard and all
the plate in the tub all wubby
oh lost fuck you!
Part II

fling in the bin the rinn!
the corner put the mouth belongs
bottled into flaght and trash the jath
songed the siddler away to beeree
have thou seen a twaddle waddle?
immense the dolt amounts to phoo
and rue the avenue the poo
shit! that's fucked
the lord in amsterdam smoketh
clouds so lavish in the mehish
woosh! goes the shish
and mess not more with loo
hence the entertain the boo
scare the mare with sharety ware
and lose the principle
of basement savagery
Part III

moors moor more
from across oceans came
holler weng and wung
moot point in infinite jest
wruggles into a nest the wrat!
palandering along galobble coasts
flinch tick the man with horns
fire films shown at noon
displayed the tick of man at bay
merit must mish with migrayne
a lady's name that is
swooning when husband fucks
a big bertha down the alley
shady and overgrown lofted
a warm weltsin shooped up
and the bird fell out of the nest
Part IV

flog the forest frogs
from february free fleigh
finnish filibusters flooksed far
froam fireer fenkoolen
fires rage in the amazon
hundred days of doom
drag moonlight morateer
up the stream in loogeratoo
giraffes kissing lions from far above
abode secured medically marooned
moss-covered libe-axe stuck
in the head! the head! the head!
fuck finish fart
and he got up
to smoke a silent cigarette

and i flicked the ash in nilgrenoo
and wockered what the boo toot
a green begeen wanted loo moo soo!
and zotty zott from zod asked why
nobody lounders anymore!
but flounders shipwrecked barstool
ay the may who's got the hay!
and i lick my zittle when i spittle
and my mouth opens worms get in
i spew and flew and drew and krew!
in the end i was a lonely sod and sobbed
all the while police migrating and

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