Freitag, 6. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

92nd anniversary
reds march on the palace
reds loot the palace
piss on the carpets
rip wallpaper off the walls
burn the paintings
raise the red flag of victory
for the russian people:
education, health care, pride
and literacy
war against the oppressors!
war against the kulak hoarders!
war against the west, 
that decadent old whore!
moneylenders out of the temple
out of the third rome!
whipped and beaten they retreat
to the origin of their vice:
the withered old tree
that has its roots all over the earth
but uprooted in russia the reds have
and planted a flower:
radiating change and love and war
hat grenades soviet montage
and behind the automobiles
the sun comes up
and the fog and smoke clear
we can see clearly now!
the reds say and dance atop the rubble
below the masses toil for industry
and factories and rails
and we shall not forget 
the fruits of their labor
the apple of their eyes
not given by eve 
tricked by the snake
but given by the people 
confirmed by the state
over the hill storm the reds
resistance encircled and smashed
and on top of the tower
they yell the good news:
the tsar is dead!
long live the tsar!
and people clap 
and file past the edifice of empire
an old man
born again
with legs ready to march!
an old babushka
born again
with tits ripe for the sucking!
suck dry the country
for the glory of all!
energy spent
sputnik in space

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