Freitag, 6. März 2015


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"He who creates value works, and is a worker. A movement that wants to free labor is a workers' party. Therefore we National Socialists call ourselves a worker's party. When our victorious flags fly before us, we sing: 'We are the army of the Swastika, / Raise high the red flags! / We want to clear the way to freedom / For German Labor!'" 
-- Joseph Goebbels, 1932

special status of an esoteric doctrine:
happiness - sickness = a degenerate substitute
(racial archetype synonymous with autarchy & anarchy)
pages of imperial history burned & now crisp
we greet the dogma healing the highway!
(salvaging communal life as salvation for primates)
Work is the Solar Principle (Creativity) as opposed to the Forces of Darkness (Inactivity, capitalism) that are the hallmarks of Exploitation. The Swastika is the Eternal Sun Wheel. The sun makes things grow and is the source of all productivity. Labor under the Swastika is Labor according to the principles of infinite regeneration. The Swastika is one of the holy symbols of the International Proletariat. The HAMMER AND SICKLE and the SWASTIKA are both signs equal in scope and force of inspiration, paving the way for the liberation of the Earth's cavernous multitudes.
delivered to the despot
(crumbling marble pedestal of madness)
a clear-eyed smile of condescension
(permission to unchain souls of certified conduct)
ready to smash the regime mean and lean
while smelling the rancor Kalashnikovs ready
ENDKAMPF: European weathervane rusting and dusty
the Bringer of Light laughs at the Top
the Bottom and the rest of ALL TIME
Pontius Pilate asked, "What is truth?"
The people willed the nation, and the nation willed the people. One without the other is the soil where decadence grows. 
only hypocrites with false morals and pretentious ethics
COME AND SEE: languidly lounging in armchairs
(a well-versed reality interpreted on pretext of doom)
march up and down the gravel path 
(in unison - the system objecting to itself)
the EAGLE burned by NORTHSTAR rays
(enlightened & axial time exhausted)
UP - after the death of faith & progress
(from Persia to Europe the Unity Front)
between nations & cultures
from beginning to end
absolute doom rising again
(history's spirit a foundation to doubt)
religious reality the genesis of life
(revolutionary raveling of same-ness minds)
conception conquered & integrated
I invoke the future Bolshevization of MAGNA EVROPA. This is in tune with the spirit of European Faith as Dr. Joseph Goebbels outlined it in his bold theory of CHRIST SOCIALISM - based on the solid tenets of Catholicism and social justice, all according to the Gospel of John. Goebbels' argument: according to Marxist doctrine, property is theft as long as it does not belong to the Jews, but voluntary sacrifice for the good of the people is Christian. This is the dualism: Hate (Jew Marx) versus Love (Aryan Christ). Jesus was a soldier, and the workers followed him.
Goebbels was also a proponent of true Nordic art. In contrast to desk-mind (slave of the Baltic) Alfred Rosenberg, Goebbels favored such great innovators in the arts as Vincent van Gogh ("suicided by society") and Emil Nolde. According to Goebbels, these artists were true examples of NORDIC EXPRESSIONISM, the only style that was able to capture the vitality of the Germanic race-soul in the technocratic times of rapid modernization. Unfortunately, dilettante Adolf Hitler put an end to these great new explorations of the artistic Aryan spirit by proclaiming that only the kind of art that his grandma might have enjoyed was worthy of consideration for "his" (what a joke!) folk. The rest (meaning: the good stuff), Hitler (in his typical narrow-minded Austrian way of thinking) considered products of "cultural Bolshevism." One has to admire Benito Mussolini ("VIVA IL DUCE!") for realizing the force that new ripples in art could engender by fostering a new and rejuvenated mentality amongst fearless Fascists. Marinetti and his fellow Futurist soldiers went into battle, crying: "Long live Death!"
traditional rituals observed
(messianic: "different but equal")
masses murdering idols
(smashed the noxious customs)
collective farms & city spectres
on sea, on land, in space divine!
(integration primordialized)
the old gods unconditionally effaced
(apocalyptic meltdown insistence)
finally & fully recovered in RED
(true grasping of ONE solid objective)
a final act: kissing the FLAG

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